Holter / Event Monitoring

Holter Monitors

Holter Monitors are worn by the patient for a 24 to 48 hour period of time and they record every heart beat during this time.  The patient is asked to keep a written diary of their day and any symptoms they felt with the time and activity listed. 

Holter Monitors are often used to answer questions about arrhythmias, skipped or rapid heart beats.  

There is no special prep for this test, however, during the test the patient is asked not to shower (or emerse to monitor in water).

Event Monitors

Event Monitors are worn for up to 21 days and may follow a Holter Monitor if the symptoms persit and Holter was normal.  The patient wears the monitor all day, every day and will activate or press a button when they feel their symptoms occurring.  After a few recordings the patient will download them using their phone line to a monitoring center.  If the rhythm requires immediate attention, a physician will be notified.  These monitors can be removed to shower or swim, but it is recommended that it be worn as much as possible. 

Event Monitors are often used to help answer questions about the patient's symptoms and arrhythmia's that were not found on a Holter Monitor or with other testing.